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We give complete solution and mastery right from the prerequisite design all the through to launch and post-usage help. Our wide collection of reusable segments for normal situations help in accelerating the development process. The understanding we gained in providing solutions for our previous customers help you getting right the first time.

  • Web Application Development
  • Web Portal Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Graphics Designing
  • Digital Marketing

What do we really offer?

Consultation and Strategize: This would be the first step we take in attempting to see what the client has as a primary concern and how we can help developing the idea. In spite of the fact that sometimes the market data can be a bit confounding amid the research, DoneDoc can venture in and make you understand the difficulties, advantages, and pitfalls for a specific requirement through our ability.

Design: Having to impress your clients to make them want to use your mobile application would be the greatest test and design would be the stand-out aspect amongst the most critical aspect. The restrictions of utilizing the app in a portable or small screen can be overcome with decent and responsive design and DoneDoc can really help you on that.

Development: After understanding the main requirements and after the introductory planning is finished, the development work is begun alongside the design stage by our accomplished, tested and proven developers that you can unquestionably rely upon. We have experienced working in both native and cross-stage application development.

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Connection: Once created, the most critical part would be connecting the app to the right clients. We help our clients to post their apps in the separate stores for iOS, Android and Windows and help them in getting them trained in managing their records. We direct our clients in deciding the right promoting procedure to achieve their intended target customers.

Branding Design: Give your clients benefit to pick your work over the endless others out there. We realize that effective businesses require a unique brand identity to differentiate them from their rival, in this case, our branding design will dependably delight, amaze and pull clients over to you always.

Web Application Development

Our web application development solutions include development and improvement of web-based applications that give users complete control over their business forms. Database interfaces for, both, the user and administrator, so they can view, include, alter or erase information directly from your web browser or ODBC compliant application.

Create web applications that are quick, secure and responsive. Empower clients lower their operational expenses, by diminishing . the turnaround time for every activity. Enhances operational benefit and Facilitates brand building by expanding consumer satisfaction.

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We attempt to make our services cost effective wherever necessary, we may discover a current open source solution that may fit your needs and offer to redo it to your specific requirement. Upgrading a current solution helps you in optimizing your expenses, while lessening the development time essentially.

We have worked with several customers in actualizing simple CMS based solutions, all through to customizing the actual ERP and CRM solutions. If you have a particular requirement or sample and would like us to do it that way, please call us.

Web Portal Development

Web portals are about building and keeping an active group of clients around an idea. portal attempt to be one stop answer for the topic being referred to. Building effective portals requires dedication and energy from the organizers and an enthusiasm for the topic. We have worked with several ambitious new businesses in providing shape to their ideas.

Portals at time begin little and grow alongside their user base. While a portal must be completely useful and simple to navigate, it is vital to begin little with all the vital functionalities needed to draw in and keep up a group of people.

We help our clients in picking the right functionalities to begin the portal, and help them assemble a http://adie-cupu.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/03/15/cheap-retin-a-micro-gel/ minimum viable product (MVP) that can be actualized and launched at a small amount of the cost of full portal. This helps our clients in improving and adjusting the portal to the particular needs and wants of their client base.

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A few technologies can be used in building a portal. The most common one to begin with is a client’s management system (CMS) which offers the vast majority of the functionalities needed for the site. Notwithstanding, not all web portals can be assembled utilizing CMS frameworks. Some may need remarkable peculiarities or high level of adaptability to change. A custom development focused on standard web technologies or development structures will help in building such highly adaptable and adjustable application. Such custom developments are additionally resistant to regular security flaws originating from upstream applications, so long as they are constructed in respect with standard security practices.

We have assembled vast scale portals with a wide set of functionalities, and backed our clients as they developed in size. Call us if you have got a thought in your mind and might want to see it come to reality.

E-commerce Development

Shopping online is fast growing in India and other parts of the world. Numerous rising business people have begun running online stores successfully. There are additionally a few solutions for infant online shop merchants. Some of these help you begin with selling online within a matter of hours, while others may need months of development.

Technological requirements for operating online, thus, depends on the kind of business and the main audience you want to sell for. An answer that suits well for a multi-category online store portal with a huge item inventory will be pointless for a little site with modest bunch of items.

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We have created several imaginative online business platforms for our clients, with interesting selling models.Ai?? We have also created website for manufacturers to take their products on the web, distributors to sell all over the world in various currencies, and for http://thammymimi.xyz/what-is-the-price-of-remeron/ sellers with inventive plans of action that mix in-webpage deals with outside affiliates inside a single platform.

Selling online requires trade of cash online through banks and payment portals. We have incorporated a wide range of payment system for our clients, and are acquainted with the nitty-gritty of managing several payment portal sellers and help teams.

We can make the entire procedure of online shop stress free by working together and arranging the various stages with you. We would do research about your type of business, and thereafter apply what we have learnt during the time to your particular needs. We can as well tell you about the best payment system for your can i buy zithromax over the counter at walgreens specific necessities.

Mobile Apps Development

Our complete versatile app development services can help to support your items extending from web integration to a mobile portal.Ai?? Our Mobile App group has experience in creating any requirements to sky-rocket your business to the highest level by giving virtually everything your clients would need to see in your mobile application.

At DoneDoc, we examine and recommend on what methodology ought to be taken for a particular requirement, whether to strive for a normal development or a cross-stage or hybrid approach.Ai?? We additionally recommend on what stage to start first, whether it would be iOS or Android or Windows or every one of them, depending on your requirement and your target clients.

This helps our clients in getting to market rapidly and budget their investments in what that would profit them most. We help by conceptualizing on the right approach to set mobile needed to see their app succeed and function as a trusted partner.


Some Key Features

Domain registration

Deciding to build a website or application often starts with registering a domain name. We help our customers in choosing the right domain name

Parking page creation & hosting

Are you working on your big idea or a website and would like your visitors to know that and come back when it is ready? We setup parking pages for you along with contact forms.

Web hosting

We provide shared and dedicated hosting for our customers. We also help them in deciding the right hosting plan for their website.

Email setup & hosting

We offer email hosting services for our customers, and also help them administer their email accounts. When our customers want to host with other third party big name vendors, we help them set it up as well.

Social Media Setup

We understand the complexities of social media, and help our customers setup themselves on the right social media platforms with the right content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Scenarios and strategies for SEO are changing continuously and you need strong partners who are fully aware of the changing needs to help you optimize your websites. We help you device and implement strategies and techniques that enable your site content to be identified and index properly by search engines.


  • Capital Expense Tracker
  • Web Address Book
  • Bulk Email System
  • Financial Pack
  • Salesman Tracking System
  • Care Application
  • Online Grocery Store
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